Which you need when reading the best road bikes reviews of 2019

2019 Best Road Bikes Reviews for Beginners

It is quite overwhelming to choose your suitable bike, especially when you first entered the world of road biking. However, here, Just Not Sports provided everything you need to narrow down the options.
Road bikes are built in various sizes, materials, and quality. On this list, you will be well equipped with essential information that will speed up your choice making process. See your top road bicycle on the current biking market now!
What will be needed for the top road bicycles reviews for beginners 2019? Want to know the best parts?
Which you need when reading the best road bikes reviews of 2019

10+ Best Road Bikes Reviews of 2019 with high to low your price?

Since the last decade, people have seen the exploding popularity of bicycles. Slipping on the strange spandex is not embarrassing anymore. That’s why a horde of bike brands has been developing their products and providing the hungry market.
On this collection, you will surely find good cycling to fit your budget as well as your requirements. You may be wondering: What are the most reliable bicycle brands? Hit the road with these following bikes.

Canyon Ultimate CF SL Disc- Good under 3000

If you don’t care much about the cost, this high-quality cycling is right for you. This dedicated race bicycle is such your perfect sportive model. Let’s see its information:


  • Second-tier carbon frame
  • Fit XXS to XXL sizing
  • Colors: Black/ powder blue

This high-performance bike belongs to race geometry. With the Grand Prix 4000S II clinchers, VCLS seat post, and Ultegra-level components, this product is such a high-quality machine for all. And, you may surely not find anything better this price.


  • Good for racing
  • High-quality
  • Durable for a long time


  • High price

Jamis Quest Elite- Best under 2000

If your budget is just limited in this price, here is your best choice for road bike under 2000. Don’t forget to take a look at it. Now:

  • Shimano 105, 11-speed drivetrain
  • Ritchey Logic wheels and cockpit
  • The women’s version is available

Yeah, you’re right. This is just a traditional bicycle that does exist. This one-of-a-kind bike is constructed with its Reynolds steel frame and a longer wheelbase than others. The carbon construction will save some weight and offer better stability.

  • Adequately stiff under any weight or power
  • Suitable to ride on even the roughest roads
  • Come at a reasonable cost


  • Quite skinny

Schwinn Fastback Carbon – Best 1500

The next candidate is also worth looking at. We’re sure that this brand will provide unbelievable performance for you. Here’s the deal:

  • Carbon frame, race fork & tapered carbon steerer
  • 22-speed drivetrain, caliper road brakes
  • Equipped with the road stem, bar, and race saddle

The lightweight Schwinn Fastback Carbon is ideal for hammering tough climbs. Sleek and lightweight, you’ll love this speedy and comfortable bike when riding on it at the weekend. Free yourself riding a Schwinn right now!

  • A very comfortable geometry
  • Lightweight to simply handle
  • Excellent bike to ride on
  • Solid and comfortable frame


  • Friction comes with its internal cable routing. Fixing is not too easy.

Raleigh Bikes Willard 3- Best under 1000

Of course, we can’t forget this bike on this collection because it is quite excellent to ride on. Here’s what you want to know “Raleigh Willard is top road bike under 1000“:

  • About 85% assembled → only 30-120 minutes to assemble it
  • 22.2 lbs in weight
  • The 1×11 drivetrain→ perfect for range and simplicity

Take the longest route on this Raleigh Willard 3 right now!  The race geometry will inspire your confidence while riding off-road. Enjoy the flexibility in this ultra-versatile bike. Easy to handle and feel comfortable. Enter the adventure with fun now!

  • Give excellent performance in all different conditions.
  • Good grip and eye-catching color and look
  • Very comfortable position and cockpit
  • Brakes work wonders


  • This bike is quite hard to fix

Giordano Libero Acciao – Best under 500

Cheapness doesn’t mean that this product can’t hit the market. Just take a look at this road bike under 500, and you will never be disappointed with what it brings to you. Here’s the kicker:

  • High tensile fork and steel frame
  • 700x25c tires
  • Professional wheel aluminum cranks: 170mm
  • 14-speed STI drivetrain

This is an ideal entry-level bike for women with good fit and over-expected riding experience. The drive train gives crisp and reliable shifting to make riders concentrate the roads. Make your choice out of small or medium sizes.

  • Adjustable seat, handlebars, and many parts
  • The bike is well wrapped
  • Easy to assemble even for beginners


  • The instructions on shifting the gears are not clear enough

Takara Kabuto Single Speed- Best under 300

Last but not least, Just Not Sports will suggest a great road bike under 300 with fantastic biking experience for entry-level riders. Take a glance at this one now!

  • Single-speed commuter bike
  • Rear flip-flop hub→ Perfect for freewheel or fixed gear
  • Tig-welded steel fork and frame, alloy rims, hub, and side – pull brakes

Of course, this bike will easily draw your attention thanks to its price which can’t be beaten. This product is easy to assemble so you don’t have to worry much. Spend your very first ride on it to enjoy the amazing moments now!

  •  Pretty solid bike for riding on
  •  Simple, fast, and sleek
  • Quite durable for a long time


  • The top tube is quite short, and the high weight of this bike seems to be a big problem

What is a good bike?

This term is for bicycles constructed for traveling at high speed on all paved roads. Sometimes, it is used for racing bikes. These bikes are built with the same style with good endurance and desired speed as a racing bicycle.

What size of road bike do you need?

Actually, bike fit is extremely important. A budget-saving machine with good fit can offer good feel and nice performance as a professional biker. What you need is the size that fit your body figure. Therefore, take a look at the table below. This is crazy:

Road Bike Size Chart

Road Bike Size Chart
Road Bike Size Chart

How to measure bike size

We’re sure that the frame size above provided you a good start to find a suitable bike size. However, getting a thorough understanding of how to measure a bike is quite essential. Here is how you can define your suitable rbike size:

  • Remember that you should the center-to-top or C-T measurement. And then, follow the next steps.
  • Search the crankshaft, an axle joining the pedals. Place on its center a measuring tape.
  • Hold the tape to the vertical tube’s tape, forget the post or saddle.
  • Record the measurement in centimeters

Each road bike comes with different frame size. As a result, they will give you a distinctive feel which fit each individual’s body type and riding style.

Common types of road bike

Road bikes are commonly divided into two types including endurance (sportive) and race bikes. Race bikes help the drivers road-bike in a lower position with more aggressive geometry.
Meanwhile, endurance bikes help people perform in an upright position and a more relaxed frame angles. These bikes are good for stability and comfort. Whatever you choose, it’s crucial to purchase ones with high quality.

How to choose the entry level road bike?

If you want to your wonderful cycling journey, there are tons of things you should take into account before making a decision. Today, Just Not Sports will help you determine what the top road bike needs. Here you are:

  • Athletic positioning. This feature will help reduce the wind’s frontal profile and enable riders to become aerodynamic.
  • Curled drop handlebars. That’s the common point of most of the bikes on today’s market. People will comfortably adjust the frontal profile by just the terrain.
  • Thinner tires. Standard bikes generally come with tires of  23, 25 or 28mm in width. The thinner tires mean you will have less surface area contacting with the roads. As a result, you will have higher speed and less friction.
  • Gears. A road bike can be equipped with 24 different gears or more. These things deliver the efficient and consistent pedaling on every area you will go through.

That’s all the essential features of bikes, but we do think that they may be changed due to the riders’ budget or hobby. All features make your road bike unique among all the standard bikes out there.

How to ride a road bike correctly

Road biking is such a healthy hobby and the best workout for people. You may think that it’s not essential to learn how to ride in the right way. But, don’t let the premise fool you. Biking requires different techniques and positioning.

How to ride a road bike correctly

To ride a road bike effectively and avoid the sudden accidents, you should follow certain steps below:

Position your body & pedals

Raise the bike’s saddle to your hip level. Stand up straight on the bike’s side, hold it steady. Sit on the bike’s saddle and let one of your legs straighten on that pedal. Place the pedals vertically so that you can mount your bike perfectly.
Whenever you climb on it, place your feet onto the higher-level pedal.

Look forward with the head up

It’s crucial to look forward ahead for safety reasons; however, don’t forget to keep your neck comfortable. Get your neck extended and then, lower the chin slightly.
Then, get the shoulders relaxed and ride with the bent elbows. Let your spine straighten and your knees aligned over the feet.  Let your knees be moved straight up and down Go downhill? Keep the drop bars tight and be careful of the surroundings as always. See more: https://www.wikihow.com/Ride-a-Road-Bike

Top Bike Parts You Should Consider

Of course, road biking is selected by many thanks to its fun experience and method for your fitness improvement. Nothing is better than meeting new individuals and absorb the environment in a great way.

Top road bike parts to consider
Top road bike parts to consider

Bike parts are also amazing to consider since they can offer the bikes’ speed, efficiency, and agility too. So, what are the top road bike parts to choose? Let me tell you:

Bike tires – Specialized Roubaix Pro

Tires may be the key elements to the performance of a road bike. It is just like people who need the heart to live. You probably want to know its details. Here’s all about our recommendation:

Road bike tires Specialized Roubaix Pro
Specialized Roubaix Pro


  • Tire size range includes 23/25mm, 25/28mm, and 30/32mm
  • Made of the house-brand Gripton compound –> good for absorbing energy, better grip, and surface adaption
  • The central channel is a low-hysteresis rubber →  high resilience and faster rolling resistance.

This balancing ability of the tires is well built with high quality, puncture protection, and weatherproofing. Thanks to its 120 TPI count, this is such as a real endurance option. The BlackBelt technology will ensure the riders with unforgettable experience.


  • The low price is a plus point
  • Rolling resistance is fast
  • Size options are quite diverse
  • Nice grip and puncture resistance


  • The weight is not comfortable to change

Bontrager Starvos MIPS Women’s Road Bike Helmet

The helmet is quite needed for a road biking adventure, so that keep in mind this product to order yours. Though this is a women version, it’s still outstanding on the market. Check out all bike helmet: https://justnotsport.com/best-road-bike-helmet/


  • The MIPS brain protection system is equipped
  • In-mold skeleton → greater vent variation in shape and size
  • The Headmaster fit system allows the rider to adjust circumference and height
  • Helmet pads are comfortable, soft, moisture-wicking, and washable

This ideal Women’s road helmet will deliver comfortable protection, comfort, and airflow management for all riders. It is available with a wide range of choice for all head sizes. An excellent choice for all cyclists of all riding levels is here.


  • Protect the head well
  • Good airflow management
  • Comfortable for all head size


  • Men may not love this one because of its girly appearance.

Fabric Line Race Bike Seat

Another feature to look for in the good bike parts is the bike saddle. So, what we should buy? What makes this product stand out? Here’s the kicker:


  • Rails are made from titanium alloy
  • PU foam shell & Waterproof microfiber cover
  • Seat length is approximate 270mm
  • Seat width is about 134mm

This saddle is created with a priority on users’ comfort. A great blood flow, slim profile, and picture-perfect padding sit are right on top of the flexible nylon shell. Pedaling now is easy with the narrow nose. Fabric ensures no excess flex will help you enjoy the ride.
Any endurance rider will love the lightweight titanium alloy rails and the durable waterproof microfiber cover. Overall, we see that this one is the top bike saddle to aim for a purchase.


  • An undeniably flexible saddle
  • The waterproof microfiber cover will wrap tightly around the saddle.
  • Provide a smooth and nice interface


  • A little bit expensive

Mavic Ksyrium Elite

Actually, we can’t forget the good bike wheels in this collection. Understand that issue; we would like to tell you something you need about Mavic Ksyrium Elite. What you need is here:


  • Weight: about 1520g
  • Light and stiff wheelset
  • Steel spokes including 18 front and 20 rear will boost the strength

Now, you will never break the bank for replacing the wheelset with this product. Mavic developed this light, stiff, and tubeless compatible inventions for your easier ride.  That’s what these training wheels are perfect for all riders.
This aluminum bike wheelset is more than perfect for durability and training. Dirt will never appear since we have sealed cartridge bearings here. Get ready to spin fast on your excellent bike instantly!


  • Offer a long-time warranty and insurance for repairing the bike for all
  • Powerful strength and support nice performance


  • Quite hard to assemble

Shimano PD-M520

Well, what determines this product as the top bike pedals? Here’s the best answer. Wait for it!


  • Versatile bike pedals are perfect for around-town cycling
  • SPD cleat → easy to join longer rides
  • Chromyl spindle & steel pedal body is equipped
  • 383-gram in weight
  • Adjustable entry, float, and release
  • Limited one-year warranty

Shimano listed this invention as their interesting mountain biking pedal which is ideal for road biking too. These clipless pedals are constructed with a simple but durable and bulletproof design.
The low-price PD-M520 Shimano pedals are well constructed with good durability. The alloy body and steel axle can be easily replaced with the support of an inexpensive locking tool.


  • Straightforward and super-durable design
  • The engagement system will make you pleasant


  • Super slick platform side

Portland Design Works Gravity USB

Last but not least, riders shouldn’t miss this brilliant light for a clear vision in dark places or at night. Enjoy the super first-rate road biking moments with this creation!


  • The CO2 inflator is easy to inflate thick and plus-sized bike tires
  • The oversized control knob makes it easy to control and operate
  • Fits both Schrader and Presta valves
  • Precision-machined body

The smart and weatherproof taillight allows a lower-output solid mode for daytime. It even gets better; the accelerometer will support braking or cornering with ease. Always see the light shine in 10-25 hours, so that be confident to road-bike anytime you need.


  • Long lasting for days between recharges
  • Powerful for long distance on the road


  • It may be easy to drop


Just Gloves have very very the best gloves for the biker. So, you choose any the gloves at justgloves.me

FAQ section:

How to change/remove road bicycle tires?

Answer: First, you have to remove the wheels from your bike. Utilize a nice bike stand to hold the bike upright. Turn your bicycle upside down to remove the front wheel. Loosen the attached nuts so that the wheel can be easily pulled free.
If you need to remove the brakes too, pay attention to its release mechanisms. Then, just simply release it thanks to the brake lever or calipers on the bike’s handlebars. Alternatively, squeeze the calipers to remove the brake cable instantly.

How to fit a road bicycle

Choose the bike that fits your body, and biking style is really a need. There are some basic rules to choose the one which suits your need. Important steps for deciding entry-level fit considerations are here:

  • Fit your bike for your current riding style. Well, you need to set your bike to suit your real abilities. If you ride on endurance, strength, and flexibility, your bike fit is right to readjust later.
  • Choose the right frame size.  If your frame size is wrong from the first step, you will never feel comfortable while riding regardless of the adjustments.
  • Make some easy adjustments. They can be done for some existing components of your bike such as the seat angle, height, and the position of the front and back seat.
  • Check the cleat fit. Watch out for the cleats’ placement on your bike. They may cause your knee pain or discomfort if set too far.  If the cleats are located correctly, you fit your bike well.

How to shift /change gears on a road bicycle

Follow these steps to change your bike’s gears successfully. First, you must count the exact number of your bike’s gears on the pedals. Then, do it on the rear wheel.  After having the results, multiply these two numbers so that you can have the last number. Read more: https://www.wikihow.com/Shift-Gears-on-a-Bike
Remove the front gears by your left hand and the right one for all rear gears. To pedal more easily, gear down. However, this action will make your bike less powerful. Gearing up will make it harder for you to pedal but your bike will be more powerful.

What’s the bottom line?

Purchasing and utilizing a bike correctly is not an easy thing to do. However, Just Not Sports believe that with all the things provided for the best entry level road bike 2019, you will become a pro rider with a thorough understanding of the field.